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Office of Student Development

Student Development at Northwestern State University is comprised of Counseling Services, Career Planning and Placement, Health Services, Testing Services, Student Support Services, Disability Support, and The Office of Student Conduct.  

The Office of Student Development exists to provide a variety of services to Northwestern State University students for the purpose of helping students adjust to and succeed in the college environment. Student Development also provides services to assist students in meeting educational goals upon graduation. We hope that this website is helpful to you in locating the services needed to fulfill all your educational goals.

Student Developments professionals engage students in the educational process through collegial decision making in and out of the classroom. By constant evaluation of student needs, satisfaction, and learning, professionals develop effective programs and services centered on the changing needs of students.

There are many services available to students on the Northwestern State University campus that do not fall under the Student Development umbrella. For information on food service, housing, bookstore, Speed Demon Cards, and the Post Office, contact Auxiliary Services.

Qualified personnel throughout Student Development are always ready to assist you. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.